Creative Work

Writing & Teaching

I have taught undergraduate Creative Writing courses in non-fiction, fiction and historical writing at City, University of London and the Evergreen State College.

I recently recorded an audio blog for Hazel Press' In the Nature Of series, on swimming in the city after the pandemic: Listen here

My first chapbook, Body of Water, is out now with Two Plum Press

'Set between the public outdoor pools of the UK and the mountain lakes of the Pacific Northwest, Body of Water is a brilliant series of essays where swimming is a central focus (Wolf has referred to it as “the swimming book,”), but the actual about is wide ranging and utterly compelling. Whether she's plunging into frigid water on her wedding day or considering ecological collapse while swimming through wildfire smoke, creating her own mikvah or dealing with chronic illness, Wolf's journey in Body of Water makes you appreciate all the beauty and difficulty of being in a human body on earth.'

An early version of a piece from the collection was published in Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine as 'Breathing Space', which can be read online.